How the Oscars Measure Up

In the wake of the Oscar nominations on Jan. 16, Rentrak Box Office Essentials information has shown varying degrees of the so-called box office “Oscar bump” for all of the nominees. And no wonder—this is arguably one of the best groups of Best Picture contenders in Academy Awards history.

Let’s take a look, in order of release date, at the nine films in contention and their post-Oscar nominations weekend boost both for the weekends of Jan. 17 and Jan. 24.  Keep in mind that all nine films are currently in release in theaters and some have been in theaters since October.

Oscar Nominees - Locations & Revenue Change Chart

Don’t let post-noms weekend-over-weekend percentage drops for some of the films fool you, many of these titles would be at or near the end of their theatrical playability were it not for the Oscar nominations. All have gained a revitalized theatrical lease on life by virtue of the Oscar attention and are happily still adding dollars to their bottom line.

Rentrak Oscars Infographic

(Click image above to enlarge.)

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